Design Process Olivetti 1908-1978

Design Process: Olivetti 1908-1978, 1979 – 1983

1979 and 1983 in which Nathan Shapira conceived and designed a major traveling exhibition, Design Process: Olivetti 1908 – 1978. This exhibit has been recognized as a hallmark celebration of the uniqueness of Italian craftsmanship, expression and vision in marketing, brand identity, commerce and industry. This exhibit looked at Olivetti as a renaissance contemporary company in historical perspective. This exhibition recognized that Italian industry really carried on the legacy, history and tradition of the Italian arts, sciences and production. This creative legacy personified and distinguished Italian design ingenuity and manufacturing a unique manner. In this manner, Italian art and design personified a harmonious linkage between visual expression, creativity and utility. This was personified in through a poetic romanticism between art, form and function. The Olivetti exhibit curated by Prof. Shapira, clearly defined an interdisciplinary design process inherently highlighted in the works of Olivetti, not only from the industrial machinery, but also in the graphic imagery that helped to promote the uniqueness of this holistic design form.


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