Nathan H. Shapira Design for Low-Income Economies – Materials Culture & Artifacts (Binder 8) – TABLE OF CONTENTS

1)    Stools

2)    Furniture

3)    Drums

4)    Musical Instruments

5)    Textiles

6)    Sculpture

Design for Sustainable Development (Binder 15) -TABLE OF CONTENTS

1) University of California, Los Angeles – List of Students, Winter 1990

2) University of California, Los Angeles – Department of Design Calendar, 1990

3) Bienal de Arquitecturade de Quito

4) Ruth Frank Rosenwald Resume

5) Global Warming and Cooling Article by Hon. Ronald V. Dellums

6) Institute for a Future – The Imminent Ice Age and How We Can Stop It

7) Stopping the Coming Ice Age

8) WFA Board Approves Global Environmental Action; New Strategy for the 1990’s On U.N. Restructuring

9) People for a Future – The Most Dangerous Game

10) The Making of Zulay’s Film

11) Overview for Testimony at Globescope Pacifica

12) Industrial Design – Design for Low-Income Economies

13) Books

14) Pracitce – Sources of information on architectural education, computers, grants, law, management, marketing, research, registration, and specifications.

15) University of California, Los Angeles – Art 294 / Industrial Design, Graduate Studies, Roster of Students

16) Construyamos en Tapial

17) Publications Update Vol. 6 Num. 6, October 1989

18) Publications Update Vol. 6 Num. 5, October 1989

Crafts in Egypt (Binder 24) -TABLE OF CONTENTS

1) Community Development Through The Revival of Arts and Crafts in Egypt

2) Co-Existence Between Technology and Tradition

3) The Evolution of the Universal Pattern Through Traditional Design

4) Egypt’s Dilemma – Is Self-Help the Answer?
     A. Introduction
Critique of Western Model
Self-Help Model
Development of Policy for Aided Self-Help
Need for Education and Training
Transferability of Model From Other Countries to the Middle East, Specifically Egypt
Concluding Remarks
Appendix 1

5) Integrated Urban-rural Development Planning: Comparison of “Top-Down” and “Bottom-Up” Approaches

6) Frida – Fund For Research and Investment for the Development of Africa

7) Egypt Today
Crafts – General
Folk Arts and Crafts
Exhibit – Literature in Translation
Performing Arts and Films

8) Design/Craft Network as a Base for Community Development in Egypt
The Process
The Proposal

9) Human Settlements in Egypt
Population of Egypt in Census Years Estimates of the Population of Egypt by 2000
Evolution of Human Settlements in Egypt
The Basic Problems Facing Human Settlements
Legislation Governing Human Settlements

10) International Association for Housing Science – Proceedings on Evaluation of Industrialized Housing System

Ricardo Gomes (Binder 28) -TABLE OF CONTENTS

1) Slides

2) Analysis for Alternative Building Materials and Construction Systems for Small-Scale Industries in the Republic of Cape Verde

Design For Low Income Economies (Binders 40) -TABLE OF CONTENTS

1) Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting of ICSID Working Group IV Held At UNIDO Headquarters, Vienna, June 4-6, 1973

2) Advanced In Service Training for Apprentice Students in Product Design, Architecture, Graphic Design and Related Fields – National Design Institute

3) Informe Final, Gui Bosiepe

4) Creation D’un Centre de Design en Colombie

5) Comments on Gui Bonsiepe’s working paper on “Development through Design”

6) Exchanged Letters between Josine des Cressonieres (ICSID) and Nathan Shapira

7) Letter to Nathan Shapira from Gui Bonsiepe

8) Comments by Jorg Glasenapp on the Preliminary Draft Education in Developing Countries Prepared by Frank eight and Gui Bonsiepe

9) Design for Developing Economies

10) Some Considerations on Design and Economic Development

11) Office Landscaping

12) Designing for Industrial Development – Maurice Thorne

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