Medical Design UCLA (Binder 16) – TABLE OF CONTENTS

1) Master of Arts – Communication Device for Hearing Impaired Persons

2) Design Primers – Universal Design

3) Design Has No Limits – Graduate Studies in Industrial Design at UCLA

4) WINGS – Flexible Input Device for an Individual With Cerebral Palsy Arthritis or a Spinal Cord Injury

5) Computer Keyboard Re-Design – Draft; Project Need and Objective Statement

6) Design Proposal – Communication Device for Hearing Impaired Persons

7) Evergreen A Self-Lifting Chair for the Elderly

8) WFA Board Approves Global Environmental Action; New Strategy for the 1990’s On U.N. Restructuring

9) Easyroller

10) A Mobile Health-Care Unit

11) Basic Furniture for Rural Health Centers

12) Technology Transfer Program

13) Books

14) Pracitce – Sources of information on architectural education, computers, grants, law, management, marketing, research, registration, and specifications.

15) University of California, Los Angeles – Art 294 / Industrial Design, Graduate Studies, Roster of Students

16) Construyamos en Tapial

17) Publications Update Vol. 6 Num. 6, October 1989

18) Publications Update Vol. 6 Num. 5, October 1989

Affordable Living (Binder 20) – TABLE OF CONTENTS

1) Interiors for Affordable Living Spring 1982 Art 170b UCLA– Making More From Less

2) Shelter for Developing Countries Spring 1979

3) Home Sweet Home
     A. Missouri Cultural Heritage Center
     B. The Front Porch
     C. UCLA Extension – Home Sweet Home
     D. Biographies of Guest Lectures
     E. Home Sweet Home Exhibitions

Medical Design (Binder 21) – TABLE OF CONTENTS

1) Technology Transfer at UCLA

2) Opportunities for Industry – UCLA Technology Transfer Program

3) UCLA Contract and Grant Annual Report, 1989-90

Semuil Sin (Binder 27) – TABLE OF CONTENTS

1) Exercise Apparatus for the Elderly, Fall 1991

2) Overview: Exercise Apparatus for the Elderly

3) Exercise Apparatus for the Elderly, March 14, 1992

4) Headrest 25-30° – adjustable in height, distance from the backrest and inclination

5) Problem Statement – High Rise Building Windows Cleaning Equipment

6) The Concept and Measurement of Quality of Life in the Frail Elderly

Nathan Shapira: The Challenge of Transformation
Writings on Design Education /1/ (Binder 50) – TABLE OF CONTENTS

1) Design for Development Selby Mvusi, ICSID Belgium, Sponsored by UNESCO, 1964

2) La formazione dell’architetto – Frank Lloyd Wright

3) Design Education for Socio-Economic Development – 2nd International Conference on Design Education for Developing Countries, Cape Town, 1995

4) Industrial Design Education for Developing Countries – Third World Congress of Engineers and Architects, Tel Aviv, Israel, 1973

5) Design has no Limits – Graduate Studies in Industrial Design, UCLA

6) Letter to Prof. Mits Kataoka from Nathan Shapira

7) Re: Continuation of Industrial Design major at UCLA – Nathan Shapira

8) Notes for Design Mission Statement – Shapira Draft August 1991

9) Re: Issue 2, How quality performance in design is to be identified (Draft 1) – Vasa, Nathan Shapira

10) The Design Area Five Years In The Future, 1985-1990, Goals and Rationale

11) Design Changes – Nathan Shapira, August 1984

12) Art Education – The Journal of the National Art Education Association, Vol. 44, No. 5, September 1991

13) up against a well design wall

14) Une grande ecole pour les createurs industriels du XXI siecle – Les Ateliers

15) International Conference on “The Future Education in the Field of Industrial Design” – ICSID , Copenhagen, Denmark 1977

16) Industrial Design UCLA – Henry Dreyfus, 1963-1998

17) Thoughts for an Educational Program of Design

18) An Integrated Program of Visual Education: Aimed to Implement the Educational Purpose of Art Within the Frame of a Liberal Arts College


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