Nathan Shapira Timeline

The wonderful Maggie Lee worked with Prof. Gomes to create this timeline of Nathan’s life. The timeline was hung for all to see at the symposium and now adorns the walls of the Design and Industry Department at SFSU.


NSDA Open House & Symposium

In case you missed it, the NSDA hosted an open house & symposium on November 1, 2011. We were joined by Leslie Speer, Tyler Valiquette, Marc Krizack, Eric Bailey and Regina Davis, all of whom gave excellent talks on what Design to Live means to them and their everyday work. Hopefully we can get some pictures from the event up here soon, but for now, take a look at the collateral that was made for the special night.

Postcard Mailer designed by Jensen Luther

Event Poster designed by Jensen Luther

NSDA Brochure designed by Jensen Luther

Open House & Symposium Program designed by Rona Asuncion

Welcome to the Nathan Shapira Design Archive Blog!

“Design is not a field of specialization, but an interdisciplinary attitude which requires a total approach integrating communication, structure and environment.”

Nathan H. Shapira

The Nathan Shapira Design Archive team at San Francisco State University is constantly working to update this blog as we find treasures in the Archive. This blog is a work in progress and is the foundation for what will soon be a Website for the Nathan Shapira Design Archive. Please feel free to comment or contact us with any inquiries.



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